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Convert your existing email links into an interactive chat

How does it work?

Create your chat

Customize your chatbot by choosing an avatar, giving it a name, and scripting messages you would like your visitors to respond to.

<script src=""></script>
  var myChat = new Chat(

Install EmailMe

You will recieve an email with your code snippet. Simply paste it into your site and any existing href=mailto: links will open your chatbot.

Get Emailed

When a visitor finishes responding to your chatbot, EmailMe will automatically send a transcript of the conversation right to your inbox!

MyBot: Hello, did you have any questions for me?
User: How much are your services?
MyBot: I'd be glad to help answer that.
MyBot: So that I can get back to you, what is your email?
User: [email protected]
MyBot: I'll be in touch!
User: Thanks!

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  • Customizable chat
  • Unlimited submissions


  • Customizable chat
  • Unlimited submissions
  • 30 day support


  • Customizable chat
  • Unlimited submissions
  • Full support